Posted on 05 Apr, 2016 by Administrator

Windows 10 is released for all with lots of good features. On the other hand, its privacy policies are being criticized. But, there are some simple ways and tweaks in settings that will stop this Windows 10 spying, making your Windows 10 experience more comfortable.

Windows 10 is now out in the wild and people are installing the “best Windows yet” on their personal computers. For those who were feeling left out because they didn’t reserve the upgrade, or some other issue, Microsoft even released a tool install Windows 10 easily. According to the latest reports, Windows 10 is now being installed at 16 PCs per second rate and the data being transferred is just mind-boggling.

Apart from all the good features of Windows 10 and painless upgrade process, the privacy policies of Microsoft and Windows 10 spying needs to be frowned upon. According the constant digging being done by the security experts, Windows 10 is quick at tracking your behaviour and uses your personal information for improving its targeted ads. Some of you won’t mind sharing your email, contacts, and messages with Microsoft, but many of you won’t like this privacy breach.

In our previous articles, we have told you about turning off your WiFi Sense and avoiding the usage of your data for providing updates to others. Today, I’ll tell you how to tweak your Windows settings to hide yourself from the prying eyes of Microsoft and Windows 10 spying.
First Step: Go to Settings and Privacy options

You can read more on Windows 10 Spying here

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