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Typing in wrong URL can lead to your PC/laptop being infected with deadly malware

Endgame, an online cybersecurity firm warns that one-letter typo can leave your computer or phone more vulnerable to malicious software. Endgame’sMalware Research and Threat Intelligence teaminvestigated this type of security ploy and claims that it is a new version of old “typo squatting” scam — the practice of purchasing domain names similar to legitimate websites in hopes that a small keyboard snafu nets hackers access to your computer.

According to Endgame, particularly typing “.om” instead of “.com” at the end of a website address after you’ve typed in some popular urls on the browser is a progressively risky error. Ill-willed cybercriminals are taking advantage of the “.om” website suffix.

Endgame discovered this scam after a company employee incorrectly typed “” rather when he tried to watch the newest episode of “House of Cards” early this month.

Describing the incident in a recent Endgame blog post:

“He did not get a DNS resolution error, which would have indicated the domain he typed doesn’t exist. Instead, due to the registration of “” by a malicious actor, the domain resolved successfully. His browser was immediately redirected several times, and eventually landed on a ‘Flash Updater’ page with all the usual annoying (and to an untrained user, terrifying) scareware pop-ups.”

The employee knew he had to leave the site immediately and not click on any of the pop-ups or other malicious content, because doing so could have led to malicious software being installed on his computer or various other types of attack, Endgame reports.

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